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General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale


CMcadeiras is a Campos Můvel S.A. trademark. These terms and conditions are considered to be known by the buyer and replace any other terms & conditions present in any other CMcadeiras support. No clause which contravenes the above conditions can be held against CMcadeiras, unless CMcadeiras formally accepts it in writing. The sale contracts shall have been concluded by the time of receipt, by the purchaser, of the order confirmation sent by CMcadeiras. These general conditions of sale are effective immediately.


Deliveries take place always according to the prices indicated in CMcadeiras pricelists, with the conditions in force at the time of order confirmation and without VAT, unless stated otherwise.


Any delivery requires prior knowledge and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. CMcaderias reserves the right to cancel deliveries, at any time and without prior notice, in cases where credit limits or payment terms are exceeded.


Orders are considered effective when confirmed by CMcadeiras by email. CMcadeiras reserves the right to refuse an order if it does not meet the required minimum amounts of profitability or for any other technical or commercial reason. After confirmation, the order can only be changed or canceled after approval by CMcadeiras.

Terms of Paymens

Unless stated otherwise, the order is accepted with a deposit of 30% and the remainder upon delivery of the goods. In cases where payment is agreed later, CMcadeiras reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 10% per year for the days in arrears. Payment is accepted in cash, bank transfer or by check upon receipt.


Unless the opposite is accepted by writing, CMcadeiras will effect the bill to the customer with the date of delivery of the goods.

Retetion of Title

CMcadeiras retains ownershop of all goods supplied up until the moment their price is fully paid. Therefore, the transfer of ownership of goods sold by CMcadeiras occurs only on the date the buyer pays their price in full.

Industrial Property

CMcadeiras owns the intellectual property rights of all products it manufactures. The act of order presupposes the recognition of intellectual property rights on all products to be made by the customer in favor of CMcadeiras.
You may not, under any circumstances, order from third parties products that have already been ordered from CMcadeiras, respecting thus CMcadeiras industrial property rights. In cases where the customer presents models for production, CMcadeiras assumes that the customer owns their intellectual property rights, thus being liable to third parties for any damages and/or losses.

Delivery Time

Delivery time counting only becomes effective after the order confirmation in sent by CMcadeiras. Delays caused by factors beyond CMcadeiras do not give entitlement to cancel the order or to require from us any type of compensation.


Unless stated otherwise, shipping costs are not included in the agreed prices. For all other cases the merchandise will be available for loading on our premises at a date and a time agreed with the customer, with at least 48 hours in advance. In the case of air freight forwarders or carriers designated by the customer, CMcadeiras does not take responsability for any possible damages.


Business Customers: It is the customerís responsibility to confirm, at the time of unloading, if the number of volumes corresponds to the order and good condition thereof. Private Customers: The customer is responsible for receiving the order in his address at the time and place previously agreed upon. In the case of not being able to receive it, the customer will be responsible for all direct and indirect costs resulting from his/her absence.

Techical Specifications

The technical specifications of products, including, size, weight and volume are stated in the catalog and in the website, printing or photo errors excepted. These values ​​should be understood as a reference and are subject to slight variations due to technical or aesthetic reasons. In case it is essential to comply with such specifications, it should be explicitly mentioned in the order, being subjected to approval by our services.


The warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of two years. Products not in accordance will always be repaired or replaced by CMcadeiras. The replaced product will be delivered to us no later than 8 days. CMcadeiras reserve the right to charge the items of replacement by the current pricelist. Our warranty excludes the consequences of normal wear, as well as abnormal use or maintenance defects. Expenditures for these repairs will be at the risk of the customer.

Returns & Complaints

No returns will be accepted for customized items. All of CMcadeirasís prodcuts are labeled with a barcode.CMcadeiras reserves the right of not accepting the goods with no barcode. Complaints must be submitted in writing to CMcadeiras within eight days after delivery of the product.

Future Deliveries

CMcadeiras reserve the right to, without notice, change, amend or repeal any of its products, with the understanding that the same changes are made for technical or aesthetic reasons.


In the case of omission, CMcadeiras decides according to each situation.

Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

The purchase and sale agreements between the buyer and CMcadeiras are governed by the Portuguese law. For the resolution of any dispute concerning the interpretation and enforcement of contracts of sale concluded between CMcadeiras and the buyer, including those dealing with the warranty of goods or involving a plurality of defendants, the courts of the District of Paredes are responsible, with waiver of any others.

Validity of the Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions nullify all previous and are subject to change without notice.

Note: The above text was translated from Portuguese, and may contain possible translation errors. If any discrepancy between texts is encountered, the original text in Portuguese, alone, holds relevance.

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