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The origin of the chair

The origin of the chair

The first reference to a chair was made in Egypt around 5800 years ago.

The Egyptian artisans took benches that were already developed, added a backrest and the concept of the chair was born.
Initially this was a simple backrest, it was only later developed into a high backrest.  Made of rich materials such as ebony and ivory, sculptured in golden wood, with a splendorous décor and feet that resembled mystical figures, the chair was transformed into a piece of art, while also serving a function. 

Throughout the years, the chair was evolving, and between 2040 – 16040 B. C. the first upholstered chairs are made, making them more comfortable.

Years later, the armchair emerges giving yet more comfort.

With the Industrial Revolution taking place at the end of the XIX century, there is a turning point concerning mass production. The highly ornamental chair gets left behind and the functional chair comes to life. This is when the first chair factories start to emerge.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the chair was an object that was a symbol of status and dignity. After that, it became a simple and functional object.

Nowadays, chairs are made in all kinds of materials, the most common being wooden chairs, plastic and metal.

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