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Customize your chair

Customize your chair

The process of selecting your chair is based on the particular taste of the user, but it can also be for a Hotel project where the chair is only a tiny element on the overview.

Wooden chairs, with an upholstery have an infinite type of choices. Starting with the wood selection, upholstery details, types of foam, these are all aspects that have to be considered.

The design of a chair starts with an idea or an imaginary concept. This process needs to have a thorough technical review of the stability and structural safety of the chair. The chair is one of the furniture pieces where safety is key.

Selecting the type of wood is also another important aspect. We should consider the aesthetic but also keep in mind its type of use and viability. Safety is often related to the type of wood.

Some chairs can also be customized with another type of materials. The use of gliders, metal details, ceramic or glass are frequent.

Most chair have some kind of upholstery. This is yet another piece on the customization process. Again, safety is important and the correct type of anti-fire foams can be determinant.

Choosing the fabrics should be the next step. Using different fabrics is the common way to style a chair, combining different elements in the room. The use of fabrics sent from the client are what makes the chair even more exclusive.

The type of stain finishing, complying with its type of use and safety, are also another part of the customization process. Finishing materials suitable for outdoors or anti-fire for areas such as airports, train stations is something that is quite common.

Last but not least, the type of package used for the transportation is key. After all, we did have an extensive process in assembling and finishing your chair. The final package needs to be of great quality, so your product can reach you in an excellent condition.

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