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How to choose your Healthcare chair

How to choose your Healthcare chair

The Healthcare chairs for a professional use usually need to have an endurance well above the normal chair. With an intense use, we cannot take any risks with the safety of its users that may have some kind of disability. 

Another important aspect is the shape of the chair. They cannot have any edges and all shapes should be round in order to keep damage to a minimum (its users may fall and with a round shape we can avoid further wounds). 

Concerning the type of wood, we should always consider a vainless type of wood to avoid any accumulation of dirt or difficulties in cleaning. 

The foams used should also have a medium hardness, due to its user spending several hours seated. We do recommend the use of CMHR foam or a memory foam. For cleaning the chair, we also need to think on easy access in cleaning all the surfaces of the chair. 

On your dining hall, the use of an armchair gives you an easy acess to cleaning the floors, by putting them on top of your tables. For this, the armchair should be as light as possible. Extras like wheels, handles or a removable seat create an extra comfort for the user and carer. 

Finally, it is also important to state that each country or project has its own legal requirements that may result in modifying the product.  

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